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My name is Chris Phillips. I have handled and hunted many hunting dogs over the years. For many years I have been involved with versatile hunting dogs. I hunt and breed the deutsch drahthaar and the deutsch jagdterrier. Both of which are amazing hunting dogs when trained and handled properly. We strive to produce the ultimate in versatility through exposing our dogs and pups to a wide variety of game and situations. We hunt everything from dove to wild boar, all with these versatile dogs. If you are looking a just pointing dog, or just a retriever then you might want to consider another breed more suited to one or maybe two tasks for the sake of the breed.  We don't limit our dogs to just ducks or just pheasants.  We don't want you to believe we only hunt furred game with our dogs either although it is a majority of the game we hunt as it is in many european countries. Our dogs not only retrieve doves in September, but run deer in October, fetch ducks in December, tree squirrels and point quail in January and bay hogs all year.  So we ask the question,"Why buy a versatile dog to just be used for one task?"  We want our pups to be hunted hard, and not just 20 days out of the year in a duck blind or pheasant field.   Our drahthaars and jagdterriers are hunted several days a week all year long, and you must produce game to stay at our kennel. We accept nothing less.  Our drahthaars are tested through the VDD-GNA and we believe every puppy buyer should attempt to carry their pup through the testing system to help them make their dog better. We will gladly help our puppy buyer to the best of our ability to prepare their pups for the testing..

Our jagdterriers come from breeding approved imports with many titles for fox badger boar etc..., but we have yet to have a testing club established in the United States. We are trying to import the very best dogs europe has to offer and what we have and are breeding is as good as a vast majority of dogs in Europe. Our dogs are extreme in hunt/game drive and arent for the average man wanting a ride around the farm kind of dog.  We believe and train for all the versatile tasks a jagdterrier can do from upland birds to big game, and this is why we strive to bring over and breed the best available dogs possible.

For more information on us and our dogs or to see which breed is the right fit for you and your hunting just contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


We don't breed pets. We breed hunting dogs.

Chris Phillips

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