Karl Alzner Jersey  Jagdterrier

The German Jagdterrier (Pronounced "Yack-terrier") was developed over eighty years ago in Germany by crossing the original old English Fox Terrier and the Black and Tan Hunting Terrier. These crossings, with years of selective and intensive breeding, have produced the modern German Jagdterrier, a dog bred and used exclusively for hunting.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SALESMAN BREEDERS AND THOSE THAT SAY THEY HAVE THE BEST  All of our jagdterriers are european dogs or pups raised from dogs bred and brought over from Europe BUT NOT EVERYDAY IMPORTS....DOGS WITH WORKING CHAMPION AFTER WORKING CHAMPION IN EACH GENERATION.  We have some of the best available in North America without a doubt.  All of our dogs have many many working titles in their backgrounds with many being sons and daughters of fox, badger, boar champions and even dogs with versatile work titles in blood work and retrieving from land and water.  We are attempting to produce the best available in north america through our buying of the best available in Europe.  The dogs in the lineage of our dogs are European legends not just everyday jagdterriers.  NOT ONLY ARE WE IMPORTING DOGS WORKING ALL GAME AS WELL AS WINNING TRIAL AFTER TRIAL..... WE OURSELVES HAVE BEEN THERE, TRAINED, HUNTED, AND COMPETED...  WE HAVE BEEN TO FOUR EUROPEAN NATIONS AND VISITED MULTIPLE KENNELS AND CARRIED OUR OWN TRAINED PUP BACK OVER TO COMPETE AND HUNT..

Our jagdterriers see a variety of game as they should.  They are used for ground/stump hole dogs for coons and opossums, as well as in brush piles/old home sites for foxes, coons, and the occasional bobcat, bay dogs for black bear and wild boar, and tracking dogs.  They have a natural retrieving desire, and a love for water.  They are hunted extensively througout the year.  They are exclusively for hunting and are too much for anyone looking at a pet.


We start our pups very early in life as we do with our drahthaars.  They are on live game of some variety by the time they are 5 months old.  We hunt a wide variety of game so we don't discriminate in the field.  If a dog finds a coon in a stump we kill it and move on to hog hunting etc...We hunt for the local farmers and landowners here year round, so we handle a wide variety of depredation/extermination issues.  My dogs HUNT.....no matter the terrain, temperatures, or game we're after.  Remember these are versatile dogs meant for a variety of game and tasks.

Do not be fooled by salesman breeders with what all they say on the internet about what the breed can do and what their dogs can do.  The breed is not meant to be a tree dog for coons and squirrels nor solely a bloodtracking dog as well.  Can they do both with the right training and the right terrain, game etc....yes but the breed is not meant to be nor do they excel as tree dogs by scent or as dogs bred with extreme desire and drive are very high energy with bloodtracking being a concentration task that takes lots of obedience and time which most hunting dogs in america do not get!!!!  The breed if hunted and worked regularly can do such tasks as bloodtrack but should not be considered for this one task alone and western hunters looking at 175lb mountain lions visible to any ol' dog is not the same for eastern US squirrel hunters trying to find one 60 feet up a tree.....

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